Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Holocaust Industry and Its Distortions and Lies

by Andres Kargar (

Iran’s two-day conference on the Holocaust seems to have vexed not only the Israeli lobby but also many in America’s corporate media and even some liberal and so-called “leftist” elements who are perpetually terrified of being labeled “anti-Semites” or “Holocaust deniers”. A good indication of this is the level of lies and distortions committed by most of those who report on the conference.

It is a fact, of course, that most articles and reports disseminated by the American mainstream press contain subtle lies and distortions, but this event topped them all in blatant perversity.

For one thing, I would like to know how anyone can label this gathering the “Holocaust deniers’ conference” (1) when the participating anti-Zionist rabbis (2) who spoke urged everyone to remember the reality of the Holocaust. They did mention also that Zionism is utilizing the Holocaust to further its own interests.

I would also like anyone to show me a statement by Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad indicating that Iran’s Islamic Republic regime intends to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. This is a blatant lie that even some liberal elements tend to perpetuate, sometimes by covering it up and at times by justifying that Ahmadinejad is not the ultimate power in Iran. On the other hand, isn’t it really the desire and hope of most of the conscientious people of the world that the Israeli system of apartheid (and all other repressive regimes for that matter) be cleaned off the face of the earth just as the regime of apartheid in South Africa was?

One thing this conference clearly exposed is the hypocrisy of some of the Western governments and many of those blind supporters of Israel (including a few in our liberal and “leftist” ranks). It is quite ironic that even a racist, white supremacist like David Duke was able to expose their hypocrisy, and he was unfortunately right: you can make fun of or deny the existence of Jesus or Prophet Mohammad (or any other icons and symbols sacred to people) in France, Germany, Austria, … and no one will bother you, but denying the Holocaust will land you in jail. So what is this cocoon of hypocrisy that we have spun around ourselves? A glimpse of history might expose us even further:

During World War II, twenty million Soviets gave their lives to save humanity from the Nazi onslaught (3). That of course is no holocaust!

In another part of the world and prior to that, Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire forcefully relocated and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Armenian residents of the Turkish Empire. The slaughter of the Armenians started in 1895, and with occasional breaks, continued until 1922. Today, the Western world hardly listens to the cry of the Armenians who are calling attention to this genocide. Obviously, that was no holocaust either, and in the eyes of the “Holocaust Industry”, how dare we compare that with the Holocaust? (4)

And what about the Rwandan genocide?

What about millions of the victims of the US aggression in the Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq…?

Back to W.W.II, the victims of Hitler’s aggression consisted of Jews, communists, homosexuals, gypsies, trade unionists, and other dissidents. However, the Zionists generally do not reflect or talk about any of the victims other than the Jews. What’s more, in contrast to the Zionist and corporate depiction of these crimes, Jews were not helpless sheep being sent to their deaths. Not at all. They showed heroic resistance, formed partisan groups, and executed many successful suicide bombings of their Nazi enemies (just as the Palestinians do today) (5).

So is Ahmadinejad a Holocaust denier or is he just being used as a na├»ve scapegoat by the Zionist propaganda apparatus? To show the opportunist nature of the Israeli Zionists, I would like to delve a little into Iran’s history. Long before Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs were in power, the Pahlavi dynasty ruled Iran with an iron fist. Reza Khan Mir-Panj, the first Pahlavi King or Shah came to power in 1921 with the aid of the British who were seeking a strong and stable central government in Iran. Reza Khan, however, sympathized with the Germans and intended alliances with them, and so the same colonial forces that had placed him in power forced him to abdicate (6) and replaced him with his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The young Shah proved his allegiance to the British and Americans and maintained very close relations with the Israeli State(7) throughout his reign. Nevertheless, he maintained his supremacist outlook. His title “Aryamehr” signified “the light of the Aryans”. Throughout his reign, the Iranian government propaganda depicted Iranians (meaning people of the Aryan race) as Indo-Europeans, superior to Semites. This did not seem to bother the Zionists, since they were well aware that despite words, the Shah’s regime was an enemy of the Palestinian movement (just as the Saudi royal family is today). Obviously, if the Zionists had been able to wheel and deal with the Nazis, they could also wheel and deal with “Shahanshah Aryamehr” (8).

Today, the Iranian Monarchists-in-exile, some of whose leaders happen to be fully funded by the CIA (9) and the Israeli government, carry on the same old propaganda, the same nonsense about “the Aryan race” in their twenty-or-so CIA-funded TV stations broadcasting out of Los Angeles, California, and not one person from the State Department or the Israeli lobby accuses these criminals of being sympathizers of the Ku Klux Klan, racists, or “Holocaust deniers”.

And finally, I am wondering if the ultimate and most deserving recipient of the title “Holocaust denier” should be the American Zionists themselves who, for years fearful that the news of Nazi atrocities committed against European Jews could create sympathies among the Americans and cause Jewish immigration to America instead of Israel, kept the news of Nazi concentration camps from the American public.

As an epilogue to such tragic hypocrisy, it would be quite fitting to conclude with the reminder to everyone that today the Zionist “Museum of Tolerance” is being built on the ruins of a Palestinian cemetery. Will the genocide of Palestinians ever be acknowledged?


1- The conference was of course also attended by people like the white supremacist David Duke.

2- Rabbi Aharon Cohen, Rabbi Dovid Feldman, Yeshaye Rosenberg, and others of the Jews United Against Zionism.

3- As opposed to what Hollywood has us believe about the US as the savior of the world from Nazi Germany.

4- One reason for that is rooted in the Zionist racist philosophy that people other than Jews are inferior and should be treated like animals.

5- And this is how the Holocaust is being distorted by the Zionists and the corporate media while anyone presenting an alternative picture is labeled as a “Holocaust denier” or “anti-Semite”.

6- Reza Khan was exiled out of Iran and eventually died in Johannesburg, South Africa while his son remained a British and American puppet.

7- Iran’s secret police, the dreaded SAVAK was trained by the CIA and the MOSSAD in the art of torture, assassination, and fascism.

8- The Shah of Shahs (King of kings) - the light of the Aryans.

9- To the tune of $75 million for 2006 just in overt money. This figure does not include the intelligence agencies’ secret budget targeted for Iran.